HSM cab suspension HCS

Ergonomics and comfort

With the newly developed HCS cab suspension, HSM once again proves it’s outstanding technical experience. HCS significantly reduces vibrations and shocks to the operator. This working and driving comfort results in a fatigue-free working day and an increase in production

  • Suspension in every direction
  • Direct and sensitive response
  • Unchanged transportation height
  • Cab lift for good maintenance accessibility remains
  • Integrated control
  • 110 mm suspension travel
  • Internal, contactless sensors integrated into the cylinders

How it works

Two arms with independent suspension cylinders are arranged each at the front and rear of the cabin. Each of the 4 cylinders has an integrated and thus protected sensor that serves to monitor and control the cabin suspension. Due to the sophisticated kinematics, the cylinders work without tension, which results in a very direct response. The hydraulic valve block is installed in the vehicle frame, saving space. The functionality of the HSM cab lift is retained, ensuring a high level of accessibility even with cab suspension.